10 Years of Dance Exc‍‍‍ellence‍‍‍

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How it all began...‍‍‍

Special Touch Talent, Kettering, OH‍‍‍

Special Touch Talent Dance Studio in Kettering , Ohio was founded in June of 2008 by Miss Melody K. Durnbaugh with a simple approach... dance is for everyone and each dancer that walks through our door is unique and deserves special attention!  We truly believe that the dancers and families that have chosen our studio are the special in Special Touch Talent Dance!

Our teaching staff is second to none!  Quality, kindness, professionalism and personalized instruction are the core values of Special Touch Talent Dance.  Your dancer will not only have memories that will last forever, but will learn life lessons along the way.  It isn't just about dancing at Special Touch Talent, it is truly about the dancer.  ‍‍‍

Our Philosophy‍‍‍

We pride ourselves in offering small dance class sizes in a full range of dance disciplines including; Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theater, H‍‍‍ip-Hop,  and Acro ‍‍‍Classes.

How we differ...‍‍‍

Not only is there a full line up of dance disciplines, we offer all levels of dance from beginner to competitive.

Something for everyone...

Miss Melody Durnbaugh

Mr. ‍‍‍Kyle

Miss Kira ‍‍‍

Miss Mary Grace‍‍‍

Miss Denise